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Give that Family Member or Friend a Fantastic and Unique Gift. An Oakland Flyer's Gift Certificate.

Give them a gift they will remember!!


1989 - 2020

Here are just some of the reasons to fly with Oakland Flyers!

Train to the highest standard at an International Airport.
"If you can fly here you can fly anywhere"

An experienced and friendly staff of Certified Flight Instructors

Diverse Fleet of Aircraft Including:
Cessna 152, 172; Piper PA-28 151/181; Decathlon

Complete Flight Training from Private Pilot, Instrument,
Commercial, Flight Instructor Ratings

Purchase 4 Hours Up Front at $40/Hr and get UNLIMITED HOURS thru the end of the year.
Using our ELITE PI-135 Basic Aviation Training Device.
See our Front Desk or your Instructor for details.

Please Note: Due to Covid, our office hours are reduced to the hours of 10AM-2PM. However, our rental and flight training is still available 24/7. We are still accepting new students and renters.
Masks are required in our facility and aircraft. We have social distancing protocols in the facility and disinfecting protocols are in place for the facility and aircraft.
Note that all person (pilots and passengers) who wish to fly in our aircraft must sign a waiver releasing us from liability in the event of being infected with Covid. Thank you

Groupon Flights: Due to the inablility to social distance in a small plane, we are suspending Groupon Flights until such times as it's safe to resume. Those with a coupon, be advised that the expiration dates shown on the coupon have been suspended indefinitely (it won't expire), and the coupons are also transferable. If you wish, you can call into our office and we will place you on a list to be notified once we can safely resumre the flights.

Upset, Aerobatic, and Spin Training available

Super Decathlon N66405

Now is the time to get checked out!!

Give that Family Member or Friend a Fantastic
and Unique Gift.

An Oakland Flyer's Gift Certificate.

Call 510-568-3317

Give them a gift they will remember!!


CALL US AT 510-568-3317

We're open 7 days a week except holidays
from 10:00AM to 2:00PM

We would be happy to answer all of your questions.

Oakland Flyers
is looking for CFI's!

Come and instruct at Oakland Flyers!
• Great school environment
• Wide variety of aircraft to instruct in

Please call 510-568-3317 and set up
an appointment with Jim Gray
Email your resumé attentioned to Jim Gray at

Oakland Flyers is looking to expand their fleet of aircraft. If you own an
aircraft and would like to make some
MONEY with it, we'd like to talk to
you about leaseback opportunities.

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Founded in 1989, Oakland Flyers is a flight training and aircraft rental facility located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer a well maintained fleet of Piper and Cessna aircraft for rent (for rental rates, refer to our "Aircraft Rental" page),, as well as a loggable  Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD). Pilot supplies are also available, offering all books, charts and material necessary to training.

For Information Call 510-568-3317

Or email is at

We Are Located at the Oakland Airport
8135 Earhart Rd. Oakland, CA 94621

the wild blue yonder!

Flight Lesson
as low as

Cessna 172
4 Seater

4 Seater

CALL 510-568-3317

to Schedule your flight today!

72 hour
reschedule notice required

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